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Behind the Scenes: The Story of Redecor + Design

Updated: Apr 8

We have worked with some amazing local businesses on the Sunshine Coast! These entrepreneurs bring life to our community and we feel so lucky to be able to support them through the ups and downs of running a business. 

Today, we're taking a closer look at Redecor + Design, a business we supported in the past and admire, nestled in the heart of Sechelt. We spoke to the owner, Ashley, she is elegant, stylish and smart. 

Ashley was gracious enough to answer some of our questions and take us through her amazing shop!

What is the inspiration behind the name ‘Redecor’ ?

I bought the business from Diane in 2019 and her business name was ReDecor Consignment. Her vision was to operate a consignment business for home decor objects and focus on  repurposing and reusing. With my Interior Design background and my vision in expanding the shop, growing ideas and making it my own - I changed the name to Redecor + Design.

You moved shop locations recently, how did that affect your business? 

This move, in August 2021, was so great on so many levels! It allowed me to bring in more furniture + decor, style and merchandise properly, and create space in the back for an office, extra storage, incoming inventory and space for my art studio and kiln room. I have a degree in visual arts with a major in Pottery. I will dive back into my own art practice this year!  I hope to have my studio organized and my kilns hooked up by late Spring. I'll be making small batch tableware and sculptural vessels when it’s ready.

How do you decide what pieces to carry at Redecor for your consignment program?

With a background in art and design along with being an avid thrifter since I was 8, I believe I’ve developed a pretty good eye! Layer in a few years of experience on the Sunshine Coast and tuning in to the market's style needs and wants. I keep in mind practicality and function as well as understanding our geographical location - we’re a casual seaside collection of communities and most customers prefer nautical, nature inspired, cottage vibes! 

What made you choose the Sunshine Coast to start this business?

My husband and I moved here from Vancouver with the initial thought that we’d be commuting back and forth for a while. The hustle and buzz of the city was becoming too much for us.  I had my own Interior Design company and maintained a few clients in Vancouver for about a year. When I met Diane and learned she wanted to sell her business, all the singing bells went off and my lifelong dream of owning my own shop was a reality!

What does a typical day look like for you at the shop?

I’m here early, usually around 830am, catching up on emails and paperwork. I then change a display and move products around, giving our treasures fresh energy and light! I receive 1-2 consignment drop offs through the back door and label and prep for inventory. I unpack any supplier shipments for our Refill Room and then start taking photos for Instagram. I open the shop at 11am, music and lights on and a quick fresh room spray! 

The shop fills up with a mix of locals and visitors hunting for treasures, loving the music and collecting inspiration for their next home styling makeover! We interact with potential consignors, local artists, friends and other local businesses, it’s always a dynamic day connecting with the community. 

What are your future aspirations for your shop?

We’re introducing live music on Sundays, co-hosted with Sean from Hidden Grove…ambient and experimental music while you shop. Hoping to draw a variety of crowds and bring some new energy to downtown Sechelt! 

I’ve curated a line up of local artists this Spring and Summer for a Meet the Maker series, featuring new work and an opportunity to chat with the artist. These events will land on Saturdays of the holiday weekends. 

Follow Redecor + Design on Instagram to keep up with upcoming events:

May 18th, Cambria Logan

June 29th, Corinne Barber

August 3rd, Kandice Keith

Words of Wisdom for Entrepreneurs: 

Determination and tenacity are your closest friends and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk to other small business owners and connect with your community! Sharing our successes and our failures helps us all learn and grow together!

Must-Have decor piece for your patio this Summer:

I’ve brought in the coolest line from a small start-up in Kelowna called The Rogerie. They design and create objects from recovered plastic waste using 3D printing. The wine tumblers are lightweight, durable and come in a few different colors! I also stock their reusable straws, soap trays and planters. They’re perfect for outdoor dining as the weather gets better!

Can you share three other local businesses you admire?

Fort, a clothing and accessory shop down the block featuring independent designers, slow fashion, jewelry and footwear. The owner and my friend, Michaela and I stay connected weekly - sharing business diaries! I admire her early start and longevity in her industry and her dedication and knowledge on her product lines is commendable.

Garten Landscape Design + Build - Joanne recently opened a store front downtown filling her space with plants, seeds, art, outdoor furniture and european lighting. She’s working on an outdoor nursery that will offer annuals, bulbs, shrubs and drought tolerant plants. I admire her style and eye for unique and minimal design. We share a love for natural elements like wood, concrete and glass. I’m excited to see her space grow this year!

Nourish Eatery - Cheryl and her team are passionate about healthy and nutritious food! They source consciously and predominantly local BC ingredients. Constantly evolving and introducing new items like meal kits and seasonal treats! I admire her connection and desire to collaborate and create unique experiences while learning about preparing and cooking delicious meals! Stay tuned for future collabs with Redecor!

To visit Ashley’s shop, you can find Redecor + Design at 5656 Cowrie St, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A0

If you’re interested in learning more about how Community Future’s can support your business, get in touch with us.


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