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2. Your Business Description (The Lender's Top 10 Tips)

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Imagine this: you're face-to-face with a lender at a networking event, and they ask, "Tell me about your business." In that fleeting moment, can you captivate their curiosity and leave them wanting to hear more?

Discover the magic of your business description. Think of it like your elevator pitch—a concise display that beckons the lender to explore further.

Engage with Clarity and Allure

Craft a description that speaks to a lender's sensibilities. Keep it brief, straightforward, and highly captivating.

Your Product or Service: A Glimpse Into Innovation

In a few carefully chosen words, reveal the essence of your offering. Maintain clarity and a welcoming tone, as not everyone is versed in technical jargon.

Unveil the Need and Niche: Your Unique Value Who's your audience? What's the secret sauce you bring to their lives? Share the unique value your business delivers and the metrics showcase your success.

Business Objectives: Dreams Set in Motion Your objectives are your North Star, guiding every venture. Anchored by your core values and expressed as a mission, they map your journey to:

  • Triple bottom-line performance (People, Planet, Profit)

  • Benefit to your community

  • Empowering a diverse workforce

  • Cultivating sustainable growth

  • Sourcing on an ethically-sourced supply chain

Interactive Adventure: Lender Meets Entrepreneur Gather your fellow entrepreneurs and a willing lender-in-training. Dive into a mock networking event where the lender hears your pitch. Be sure to:

  • Answer the lender's questions with confidence.

  • Fuel the conversation with clarifying questions, refining your narrative.

  • Feel the roles shift, and witness how your fellow entrepreneurs conduct themselves.

In a world where attention is currency, mastering the art of your business description is pure gold. Craft it with care, polish it with precision, and watch as lenders lean in, intrigued by your tale of innovation and ambition.

This is part of our series: What A Lender Looks For: The Top 10 see the main post here.


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