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5. Your Cash Flow Projections (The Lender's Top 10 Tips)

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Cash flow projections are an entrepreneur's currency of confidence.

Enter the world of cash flow projections – where numbers build trust. Here, lenders seek answers to the question: "Can this entrepreneur, with a loan in hand, chart a course of repayment?"

Cash Flow Magic

Cash flow projections are powerful. They hold the key to acceptance or rejection, as they showcase your financial acumen. The stakes are high; declined applications often stem from cash flow oversight. The lender's mantra echoes: "Can you honor your loan commitment?"

Nurturing Lender Trust: Proven Strategies

Your cash flow projections, a blueprint of financial resilience, must impress lenders unequivocally. Here's how to shine:

Sales Anchored in Proof: Present your sales projections with evidence – signed contracts, purchase orders, letters of intent. It's not just about numbers; it's about tangible commitments.

Weathering Seasonal Tides: Embrace the ebb and flow of business cycles. Address seasonal variations in your projections; they're a testament to your foresight.

The Trio of Scenarios: Sketch three scenarios, each narrating a different cash flow story:

  • Expected: Your optimistic vision, grounded in meeting your objectives.

  • Conservative: A safety net for a slower start, reflecting controlled costs.

  • Aggressive Sales: A glimpse of high success, without the perils of overextending.

Adapting Amidst Change: The Lender's Lens

Flexibility is your ally. Lenders seek projections that hold-up in the face of change, ensuring cash flow remains your constant companion.

Embrace All Start-Up Costs: A Comprehensive Canvas

Detail is your superpower. Your cash flow canvas must include every startup expense, from the smallest to the monumental. A forgotten cost is a red flag, signaling inexperience or lack of thought.

Always Be Learning

Utilize ongoing learning opportunities to further your financial education. Small Business BC is a great organization providing regular workshops.

This is part of our series: What A Lender Looks For: The Top 10 see the main post here.


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