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4. Your Financial Plan (The Lender's Top 10 Tips)

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Imagine your financial plan as a compass guiding you through the world of lending.

It's a landscape where numbers reign supreme, and your lender seeks assurance that you're a capable. Here's your roadmap to financial prowess:

Numbers: The Lender's Language

Lenders seek a financial plan that speaks fluently. And remember, when borrowing from CF Sunshine Coast, you're accessing funding dedicated to growing your local community – a trust that demands a safe and timely return.

Cracking the Lender's Code: Key Questions

Within your financial plan, lenders dissect pivotal questions:

  1. Unveiling Start-Up Costs: Every penny counts. Your plan must illuminate all launch expenses, from eye-catching opening ads to lease deposits, equipment, wages, and legal formalities. The more meticulous, the better.

  2. Equity Contribution: Your vested interest matters. Lenders seek your cash infusion – a testament to your confidence in your venture. It's a pledge that builds their trust.

  3. Revenues and Expenses: Month by month, can you explain your ability to generate financial stability? Lenders scrutinize your cash flow projections, ensuring you're capable of repayments if they invest.

Evidencing Success: Your Lender's Demand

Ultimately, your lender needs one guarantee – repayment certainty. Your financial plan, a combination of detail, precision, and foresight, paints this picture.

In this realm where numbers sculpt the company's viability, your financial plan becomes your trusted ally. Craft it with care.

This is part of our series: What A Lender Looks For: The Top 10 see the main post here.


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